Team Ambit 222 Challenge Pin

Ambit 222 Pin Challenge

February 1, 2014 — December 31, 2015 $2 Billion Dollars!

2016 Update: Our goal is to work as a team and help Ambit Energy reach three milestones: 2 Million Customers, 2 Billion Dollars in Annual Revenue and 20,000 Attendees at a major event. Every consultant that does their part will receive this collectible pin from their EC or NC, a signed certificate from the Ambit Co-founders and a pat on the back from every consultant in Ambit!

So, are you up for the challenge?

Join the Challenge!

2 Million Customers

We are looking to help Ambit Energy reach the two million customer mark as quickly as possible. With over 1.3 million customers already enrolled and the recent new market announcements, we know what we need to do! If all of us enroll two new personal customers we will take a big bite out of that total (and help all of us build our residual income).

Customer Information

2 Billion Dollars

Ambit Energy reached $1 Billion in annual revenue in just under seven years. The goal is to double that over the next two years and this challenge will help reach that milestone. Make sure you congratulate every Ambit consultant you see wearing a Team Ambit 222 Challenge pin. They are doing their part to help make the Ambit opportunity better for all of us!

Ambit Energy

20,000 Attendees

There is nothing more exciting than being in a venue celebrating with thousands of other consultants. We have set a big goal of getting 20,000 Ambit consultants at one of the following events: AMBITION 2014, Simulcast 2015, AMBITION 2015, Simulcast 2016 or AMBITION 2016. It will take all of us working together and making sure that we can get that many “fannies in the seats”!


What Our Leaders Are Saying About the 222 Challenge?

Picture of Esther Spina

Esther Spina

NC | Texas

The Dream Team is all in! Everyone needs to be recognized and this is a great way to do that. Everyone doing a little makes a lot of impact. Dream Big Dream Team!


Picture of Ray Montie

Ray Montie

NC | New York

The goal of this promotion is for all of Ambit to work together and help our company reach these three milestones as quickly as possible: 2 million customers, $2 billion in annual revenue and 20,000 consultants at Ambition. The pin and certificate are a fun way to recognize everyone who does their part. Now get busy and get your pin!

Picture of Chanan and Revital Oxenhandler

Chanan and Revital Oxenhandler

NC | New York

We are super excited to see ALL the great leaders come together and work to accomplish ONE goal of taking Ambit Energy to the TOP! Join us all with your teams as 2-2-2 is the key to our future! This is it, as we all work together!

“Can we do it? Yes we can!” — Bob The Builder (lol ... That’s what happens when you have small kids.)

Picture of Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson

NC | Texas

This promotion is for everyone in Ambit and Together Everyone Achieves More!

Join us in 2-2-2 and impact the future for all.

Get Excited --- Stay Focused --- Never Quit!

Picture of Frank and Sandra Schmaeling

Frank and Sandra Schmaeling

NC | Texas

We are Super Excited to be a part of the 2-2-2 Promotion. This Promotion will Unite all Ambit Consultants to strive for a Common Goal.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.” —Andrew Carnegie

One Team Ambit spreading the message of our incredible life changing opportunity.

Picture of Thien Bui

Thien Bui

NC | Texas

Ambit Consultants are freedom fighters. Working as a team to promote and support each other is truly a way to grow the business. Let 2-2-2 all the way to the top.

Picture of Dave Wilkerson

Dave Wilkerson

EC | New York

The strength behind this promotion is all the people who will achieve success by others succeeding and maybe bring a bit of “Peace” into their life. From the very beginning of my journey with Ambit I always felt that this was really about bits and pieces. Everyone working as a team to support and guide each other towards their own personal goals. This is obtainable by EVERYONE and is an incredible recognition and confidence builder as each brand new consultant works their way to Regional Consultant.

My challenge is a simple one. Can all the ECs remember how fun it was as they promoted up the ranks? Carry that fun with this promotion while you motivate and give thanks to all of those that soon will be wearing this “Rob Utter” original! I have to plug my sponsor, right?!

Picture of Jim and Kim Mason

Jim and Kim Mason

EC | New York

This is an amazing effort by all of us to pull together and accomplish a goal. A rising tide raises all ships and pulling together like this will help propel Ambit to the top!! We are all a part of the most spectacular company in the whole world. Let's all go get a pin and wear it proudly! Live life well.

Picture of Mari Yuro

Mari Yuro

EC | New York

I am sooo excited about this first-time, field-led, all-inclusive, company-wide Ambit challenge! With the collaboration and promotion from ALL the top leaders in Ambit, reaching $2 billion, 2 million customers and 20,000 attendees at Ambition is going to be CAKE! Watch out world — Ambit is empowering an army of financially free people — here we come!

Picture of Gino and Anita Chiaravalle

Gino and Anita Chiaravalle

EC | New York

This business is absolutely life changing for many, many people. Having this promotion as one Ambit Team is phenomenal and shows the great leadership within this company. One common goal to help people reach their financial freedom point is priceless and recognition is key! “All boats rise with the tide.”

Picture of James and Julie Brosious

James and Julie Brosious

EC | New York

Thank you to the Top Leaders in the company that continue to help us all build our Ambit Business and taking the time necessary to put together such a great promotion! Love that all are coming together for one great cause.

Picture of Jake Ensign

Jake Ensign

EC | New York

The 222 concept is a great way to motivate or rejuvenate consultants that are just starting to recognize the magnitude of the Ambit opportunity.

Picture of Clint and Shana Hummel

Clint and Shana Hummel

EC | Missouri

Such a fun and exciting challenge to bring in the 2014 year! Taking the 3 most important things we do to build our business, (customers, business partners, and events) and putting it all together into one! Completing this challenge will give us all success as a whole!

Picture of Nir Golan

Nir Golan

EC | Texas

I’m really excited to Join 2-2-2 and impact the future for all! What a great company with so many great leaders. I am looking forward For so many Yellow-jackets in the next 12 months I’m sure it’s going to be really big! Thanks to the EC Factory for making this happen.

Picture of Rich Schloss

Rich Schloss

EC | New York

When I heard about the 222, I became very excited for many reasons. Ambit Energy is already breaking records, and with this promotion we are going to break more. Think of the power of 2 who get 2 who get 2. Your business will explode if you do the 222, and teach those you sign up to do the 222. All the top leaders with tell you they build there businesses by promoting events. This will get so many consultants to the Big Dance down in Dallas called AMBITION. Everyone can do this! Brilliant! Be part of something EPIC ... Jump on Board and do the 222!

Picture of Ward Miller

Ward Miller

EC | Texas

I’m really excited about the new 2-2-2 promotion! It’s an AMBITious but simple goal that allows our entire family of Ambit consultants to succeed. We’re just getting started and the best is yet to come!

Picture of Jay Emma

Jay Emma

EC | New York

The 2-2-2 promotion is an excellent way for our top leaders and new people alike, to rally behind the core activities that drive results!

We only do 2 things; (1) Gather a handful of loyal customers, AND (2) Help others do the same. This promotion will create an army of people focussed on the most important things, and it will change many peoples’ lives.

Do it, teach it, and encourage all of Ambit to do the same! I look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Picture of Melynda Lilly

Melynda Lilly

EC | Texas

So excited to support the 2-2-2 promotion! This is something every consultant can achieve! Network Marketing is about a lot of people doing a little! So let’s all achieve the 2-2-2 promotion and take Ambit to the next level! Keep going for greatness!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” — Helen Keller

Picture of Charlie Melchner

Charlie Melchner

EC | New York

Now is the time to change people’s lives forever! I can’t wait to see where we go from here! Thanks to the EC Factory for making this happen.

Picture of Bob Granger

Bob Granger

EC | New York

Once again, Ray and you have come up with an exciting challenge. You keep this business fun for us all. The 2x2x2 challenge fits perfectly with the focus we have of building our business in 2014 with emphasis on the success of all Ambit Energy Consultants by Fast Tracking RCs, SCs & FREE ENERGY. This Challenge can pull all of Ambit Energy together as we march to our goals. There is enough business for us all. The Ambit 2x2x2 Challenge will certainly drive our competitors in all avenues bonkers. Isn’t that great! I love what you do for us, love this business and do enjoy a tad of fun.... Thank You, Ray & Rob

Picture of Oady and Cheryl Spencer

Oady and Cheryl Spencer

EC | Texas/California

It’s true that most people will do more for recognition than money! But to be recognized AND get paid is a brilliant concept. Ambit Energy is the number one company to partner with, and with united focused promotions like this, it’s easy to see why we’ll stay number one!

Peace out!

Picture of Sharon Kendall

Sharon Kendall

EC | New York

A great promotion! Simple but very effective ... anyone can do this. Very excited to have yet another tool to help everyone achieve there personal goals, team goals and help us get to the 2 Billion dollar mark!

Picture of Joseph and Josephine Derby

Joseph and Josephine Derby

EC | California

We are excited about this great 2-2-2 promotion and the lives that will be changed as a result. The solidarity of the leadership to promote this challenge together is destined to propel Ambit higher and quicker to the top of the charts. Blessings to all as you work to achieve these goals. Great things happen when positive people are united together to achieve goals with one voice, on a mission of helping others to realize their dreams and goals.

Picture of Don and Brenda Boyd

Don and Brenda Boyd

EC | Texas

We are super excited about the 222 pin. It is more than just a pin, it is an achievement. With everyone pulling together as one this will truly prove that the best is yet to come for all of Ambit Energy.

Picture of Kenny Smith

Pastor Kenny Smith

EC | Texas

So glad to be a part of this great challenge to affect the destiny of Ambit Energy. Team Blitz is totally on board with this 2-2-2 Challenge. It’s my desire that you become a top performer in this industry and it’s a stone cold fact that you can. Shark Shark —Coach 100k

Picture of David Daniel

David Daniel

EC | Texas

The Ambit 222 Challenge is going to be huge not only for Ambit Energy, but for all of us growing our teams. I look forward in helping Ambit take it to the next level in the industry. A BIG THANKS to all of the leaders that made this promotion happen.

Picture of Arye Jacobs

Arye Jacobs

EC | New York

Team Work is Dream Work!

Picture of Dr. Ryan Kunj

Dr. Ryan K.

EC | New York

The greatest benefit isn’t getting what you want, the greatest benefit is what you’ll need to become in order to get what you want. The journey is everything.

Picture of Adam and Michelle Carey

Adam and Michelle Carey

EC | California

Team Legacy is in! We feel blessed and excited to be apart of history and not just read about it! The 2-2-2 promotion is going to build more leaders, create more momentum, encourage more team work, that will ultimately change lives and establish Legacy’s!

“Don’t be afraid to aim too high and miss, be afraid to aim too low and hit.” —Les Brown

Picture of Mike and Ellie Tornatore

Mike and Ellie Tornatore

EC | New York

Together, as “TEAM AMBIT” we will create our break through year with this battle cry, 222!

Picture of Robert Wujda

Robert Wujda

EC | Illinois

So excited to be a part of the 222 challenge. Myself and the whole team, we are all in! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Ambition 2014!

Picture of Duane and Kathleen Fetherbay

Duane and Kathleen Fetherbay

EC | Pennsylvania

Jere and Chris have helped us meet our goals, now it’s time to help them meet theirs. We are thrilled to participate in this challenge and encourage all of our team and the rest of our Ambit family to participate. What a great way to drive Ambit to the top!

Picture of Tiffanie and Dave Wood

Tiffanie and Dave Wood

EC | New York

I am very excited about the 2-2-2 pin promotion! I think it’s a great way to for us all to work together towards Ambit’s goal of 2 million customers and 2 billion dollars! Thanks Ray Montie and thanks Rob and Michele Utter! Great idea!

“The way to get started is to quite talking and get doing!&rsquouo; —Walt Disney

Picture of Jeff Rollins

Jeff Rollins

EC | New York

The 222 Challenge will be one that goes down in History. I was blessed to be part of a similar campaign called got my three pin leading up to simulcast 2014. This got everyone on the team so excited as they worked to get recognized in front of their peers. I am a true believer that people today are desperately looking for someone to tell them they are doing a good job. The 222 challenge will be the one we look back at and say this is when we came together and took this company to the next level.

Picture of Ari and Barbara Ben-Yishay

Ari and Barbara Ben-Yishay

EC | New Jersey

The 2-2-2 challenge is simply a fantastic way to drive all of our Ambit businesses forward. By everyone being focused on the most important activities: signing up new business partners, enrolling new customers and pushing for a great turnout at Ambition 2014, our entire Ambit family benefits in a big way. Thank you Ray Montie and the other National Consultants who are on board with this ingenious project and thank you to Jere and Chris for embracing it. 2014 is going to be a terrific year for all who take advantage of this tremendous life changing opportunity. Go get your 2-2-2 pin now. We are all in.

Picture of Kirk and Trisha Horan

Kirk and Trisha Horan

EC | New York

This is a Great promotion that combines doing the business with recognition for creating duplication while attending events. This is the key to building a solid organization! Ambit222 will create more momentum than any promotion since I’ve been a part of Ambit Energy. I look forward to Ambition 2014!

Picture of Ron and Janet Jenkins

Ron and Janet Jenkins

EC | Pennsylvania

We are excited about the 222 promotion because it is a way to experience the “compound effect” by taking simple action steps forward and see growth in everyone’s Ambit business. We have a great opportunity to impact lives in a positive way with Ambit Energy!

Picture of Aurelien and Wenqing Bouche-Pillon

Aurelien and Wenqing Bouche-Pillon

EC | New York

We are so proud to be part of the Ambit Momentum and this 222 goal is very exiting.

It is very achievable for everyone of us and will help create history and change so many lives .We are all surfing the same wave, let be on it!

Small steps and duplication will create big change for all of us as an Ambit family.

Like we always said go big or go home!

Picture of Voitek Liczkowski

Voitek Liczkowski

EC | Texas

2-2-2 promotion is a fun and exciting way to help everyone grow their business with focus on the most important things New MCs , New Customers and Awesome Events sounds like a great recipe for building a big business. Thanks to EC Factory for a great idea.

W.I.N. Team :)

Picture of Blenda Aycock

Blenda Aycock

EC | Texas

The Ambit 222 Challenge is a fun way to build momentum. This challenge not only encourages your organization but helps Ambit Energy reach a corporate goal. Let’s all partner together and help Ambit “BREAK THROUGH” to new levels. See you at Ambition 2014!!

Picture of Casey & Carrie Salge

Casey and Carrie Salge

EC | Texas

The 222 Challenge is what Ambit is all about. Gather a few customers. Gather a few customer gatherers. Get to the events. Rinse and Repeat. What a wonderful way to not only set yourself financially free, but help so many others become free to do what they were put on this planet to do! This is a wonderful reward that will get everyone rolling with momentum and recognize their achievement. We are very proud to be a part of this challenge!

Picture of Richard Laidler

Richard Laidler

EC | Texas

This 2-2-2 challenge is perfect in every way for all Ambit Consultants. It sets a goal that EVERYONE can achieve, thus allowing everyone to be recognized, while at the same proving everything Ambit Corporate needs to reach the $2B and 2 million customer mark. The same old story of everyone doing a little so no one has to do a lot! I am proud to have our team as part of this promotion.